Detail from a card designed for WomenCentre by Louise Lockhart

Now in its 37th year, WomenCentre is a pioneering and generous charity serving some of the most vulnerable women and families in Calderdale and Kirklees. Its visionary, holistic ethos – Women Centred Working – gets to the heart of complex needs and challenges by providing a dynamic and coherent community of support, anchored in women’s own strengths and experience.

Since 2013 I’ve had the privilege of working and learning with WomenCentre, supporting strategy and planning and rolling up my sleeves alongside their expert teams to bring in the funding needed to sustain this vital work.

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“Anna really listens, she has a deep understanding of our organisation, our values and what we are working to achieve. Her attention to detail is a huge strength, she is skilled at teasing out the nuances of ideas and projects to build strong proposals. We have very much valued Anna’s commitment and contribution to WomenCentre”

Angela Everson, CEO, WomenCentre

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