Graphic Encounters featured works by Kakia Leka, Tiitu Tikalo, Jamie Squire and Una

SICK! has defined a unique style of commissioning, placing artists at the heart of extraordinary conversations that illuminate the starkest challenges faced by individuals and communities. They shine a light on the difficult, the taboo – exploring the complexities of mental and physical health through the resilience and creativity of the human spirit. On the ground, in northeast Manchester, they are bringing arts into everyday life – brokering new connections and animating important conversations in playful and imaginative ways.

I supported SICK!’s fundraising as they grew from a highly-respected biennial Festival to a National Portfolio Organisation, now leading the way in exploring the meeting place between arts and health.

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“As SICK! Festival has grown and evolved, Anna has provided vital support for numerous funding bids, most notably working closely with us to shape our first successful bid to join Arts Council England’s National Portfolio.

Anna has an exceptional ability to craft language and communicate the aims of others in ways that are clear and compelling. Her approach is firmly grounded in her immense experience and deep understanding of funders’ requirements. She has offered a perceptive and analytical strategic perspective which has been incredibly valuable, enabling us to shape and articulate our aims and ambitions over a period of significant organisational change”

Tim Harrison, Creative Director, SICK! Festival

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